Courageous kids

Our Approach to Kids Meals

Courageous Kids eat free – every time they walk through our doors.

Who qualifies as a courageous kid? A child who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer or recently finished treatment.

Years ago our courageous nephew Ryan went through five years of treatment for nueroblastoma and he was an inspiration to everyone who met him. Our Courageous Kids Program is in honor of Ryan. We know how hard it is for parents with children with cancer to find nutrient-dense places for their kids to eat so we want to be that safe place but also that fun place where both parents and kids can get a break from the trenches of fighting cancer on a daily basis. To refer a child or find out more – email us at

We also work with Courageous Caregivers by helping them understand how to make nutrient-dense meals for their Courageous Kid. In addition, if the family is interested, we will provide them with a juicer and show them how to make immune-boosting juices and tonics.

Our GOOD team also volunteers with organizations who support pediatric cancer patients and their families.